Our Services

Balance and Coordination:

Children are in the developmental stages of improving their balance and coordination. We use many fun games such as placing a disk on top of a cone or even on top of the coach’s head to improve coordination.

Listen and Focus:

As the children continue to develop their balance and coordination, we also begin to introduce listening and focusing. Our listening games like “Simon Says” and our focus games such as “Hungry Fox” are enjoyable and helps the kids to improve not only on the soccer field but at school.


As listening and focus continues to improve, we begin to introduce various techniques through games such as “Get the Coach”. At no point in our sessions will you see a child standing in a long line. One, its counter-productive and two if a child isn’t playing with a ball at all times then there is no way to improve his or her technique.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship:

Soccer is a team sport and as the child continues to improve his or her technique, we introduce many fun games to emphasize teamwork and after each session we encourage the children to give each other hi-fives and hugs. We look to build a positive culture at all times.