Have fun, learn soccer

QuickFeet Soccer for Kids classes are fun and exciting. Our mantra is to have fun and learn soccer and when your child attends one of our classes that is exactly what they will do.

Our classes are divided by age and skill level. Depending upon the season, the 2 year olds (Mini-Mighty Kicks) are grouped separately, the 3 year olds (Mighty Kicks) are grouped separately, the 4-5 year olds (Super Mighty Kicks) are together, and the 6-7 year olds (Super-Super Mighty Kicks) are together. This age specific format and training will prepare your child to progress to the next level.

The cost of our classes are extremely affordable and can range between $125 – $195 depending upon the number of classes. We offer anywhere between 6-12 classes during any given season and operate all year around. So whether your child chooses our busiest seasons in the spring or fall, or choose another activity during these seasons and would like to join us in the summer or winter, then we are here for them!

Visit Registration to view our class schedule and never forget: have fun, learn soccer.