Super-Super Mighty Kicks

This class mixes skill development with actual small-sided games. It is geared to help our students improve their technical skills with alot of touches on the ball. Emphasis is placed on developing enjoyment for physical activity and the game of soccer. No scores are kept at this age group.

This is the last age group in our class program before our students transition into competition.


Super-Super Mighty Kicks Director

Justin Reid

General Inquiries


Age:This program is for 6-7 year olds and parent participation is not required. Classes are co-ed and range anywhere between 6-8 sessions depending upon the season. We offer afternoons and evening classes for this age group both indoor and outdoor.
Registration:Click here to view our class schedule.
Details:This program focuses on:
Teamwork – At this age, it is important that the children continue to learn the meaning of teamwork. This is the final stage of our program, so we want to ensure that when a child leaves that they are prepared to the fullest in their next stage whether they continue to pursue soccer by playing in a soccer club, or if they choose a different sport or an entirely different path.
Technique – No matter the age of a soccer player technique is instrumental. We continue to learn dribble and shooting at this age, but we also introduce the child to passing techniques. We do not get into the details of passing too much since we want to continue to encourage children to dribble.
Games – At this age, we continue to play a lot during our sessions. Kids are grouped into teams sometimes 3-4 teams depending upon the number of children in the program. We play round-robin games and the kids have a ton of fun.
Attire:Each child will be given a t-shirt (summer and winter) or soccer jersey (spring and fall) at the beginning of the class that must be worn at all times throughout the duration of their sessions. Athletic attire (dress for the weather) is required. Shin-guards and soccer cleats (outdoors) are needed at this age. We provide the soccer balls, so you do not have to bring one.
Cost:Classes are between 6-8 sessions and the cost can range depending upon the season between $155 – $199. Click here to view our schedule.